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Puddle Jumpers Learning Center

A world of wonder, imagination & discovery!

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A Place to Shine

Puddle Jumpers is a Waldorf inspired, Nature and Play based Early Education Center! We are located in Salina, Utah. Our Director, Amber Carter has over 15 years experience working with children. Most recently, she held the position of Special Education Teacher and Coordinator for Wasatch Charter School, a Waldorf school in Holladay. Our strong belief in the benefit of Waldorf Education guides us to provide a developmentally appropriate and academically excellent program for young children. Our ongoing task is to appreciate each child's unfolding spirit and to create, enhance, and maintain an environment that will, effectively and positively lead our children to a love of learning and respect for life.

Open Monday - Friday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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Our Focus

Quality Child Care

Nature and Outdoor Exploration - The nurturing of a child’s senses through outdoor experiences and activities is cherished in the early years. Children have space to run, climb, build forts, and experience the seasons in all kinds of weather! Daily excursions provide plenty of fresh air and help children gain confidence in the wider world. We will have a butterfly garden as well as garden beds. We will raise tadpoles to frogs and grow and release butterflies. We believe that nature is a critical component to early childhood education.
Life Arts, Work & Play - Part of the daily experience is tending to the domestic life (cleaning, gardening, cooking, repairing) and self care (toileting, hair brushing, hand washing). Children find delight in simple activities like bread baking, painting, crafts, and clean-up. Puppet shows and stories capture a child’s imagination and help build strong language skills, while lively counting games lay a foundation for mathematics. Teacher-led movement games help integrate the senses, and support physical and emotional development. There is time for creative, imaginative free play each day. This play is an essential part of children's physical, emotional, social, and cognitive growth.
Social & Emotional Intelligence - Through their self-initiated play children learn the social arts of taking turns, negotiating conflicts, solving problems, sharing goals, developing empathy and learning to live with disappointment. These opportunities support in developing the capacities for creativity, resilience, innovative thinking, and social and emotional intelligence and are crucial for life development.
Healthy Movement - In the early years, movement is learning. Children develop motor skills, integrate the senses, and work cooperatively. Teacher-led movement activities and games are balanced with time for free movement, indoors and out. Fine motor and artistic expression are encouraged through watercolor painting, craft and cooking activities, and free play.

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